Holiday Season: clutter-free gifts

27 Nov 2018

Christmas and other holiday seasons are a HUGE contributor to clutter and stress. There's the whole unwanted gifts issue, the wastage, the feelings of guilt and obligation. The whole "giving presents for the sake of it" kind of thing can really become problematic.

Bec and Tara talk about how you can reduce the clutter hangover this holiday season. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, there's loads of advice that will help you out with other gift giving traditions you may have.

Show Notes:

“The whole idea of being in control of our space is acquiring intentionally, and when we receive gifts its almost always unintentional.” Bec

Article: George Monbiot - The Gift of Death

Website: Annie Leonard – The story of Stuff

“Another way to simplify your gift giving is to simply decide not to give gifts- you can choose to opt out.” Bec

“No-one in your family would want you to be going into debt to get them a gift. You don’t always have to spend money to give gifts.” Tara

Tara’s Clutter-free Gift Guide

Bec’s Clutter-free Gift Ideas

Kiva gift cards

“Ask them what they NEED, rather than WANT!” Tara

“Make sure that the person you’re giving the gift to can do whatever they want with it without feeling guilt. Only give them the gift, don’t give them the burden of keeping the gift forever. “ Bec

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