How to ditch Fast Fashion

24 Mar 2021

This is part 2 of our "Slow vs Fast fashion" episode, where we explore ways to make the shift from fast to slow fashion.

Show Notes:

How do we know what is fast fashion?
- Avoid stores that have a high turnover of collections
- Do your homework: Look at websites/ talk to others who are informed
- Use App or Website like 'Good On You' - link below

Be very vigilant about “greenwashing” which is when companies promote their sustainability ‘efforts’ but don’t change the root cause of the issue. Articles linked below.

How can we avoid fast fashion?
- Buy less but better quality
- Find a style that works for you & avoid following trends
- Understand what colours & cuts suit you
- Understand patterns or purchase regret
- Wear what you own first before buying more
- Consider buying high quality second-hand
- Educate yourself: Ask yourself when you want to buy some clothing- “Who made my clothes?”
- Find one area of your fashion purchasing to improve on
- Identify where the pressure to update/ purchase fast fashion is coming from - and turn it off
- Start to shift the celebration- try admiring things on people that they’ve had for ages

Some ways to educate yourself:
Watch: - True Cost Netflix
Listen: - Podcast: Wardrobe Crisis by Clare Press or Innovation Hub: Why Fast Fashion might need to slow down
Follow: - Aja Barber on Twitter and Instagram, and more resources if you join her Patreon

Reference links