How to panic clear

3 Dec 2019

What do you do when you have a house full of clutter and only a day or to to prepare for guests or a house inspection? You throw it all in bags and shove it in your ensuite? Well yes, you can if you like, but you probably will have a lot more stress afterwards to deal with.

This week we talk about how to panic clear (panic declutter, crisis clean etc) so that you get your house to an "acceptable" point (depending on the type of event you're panicking about!) in a short amount of time without the hangover of boxes of unsorted stuff clogging up your garage for years afterwards.

Show Notes:

What is a panic clear?

When you have to clear or clean up FAST due to an event like an upcoming party, a looming houseguest, or even something more serious like a house inspection

Most people, when they panic clear, do the following:

Shove things in bags, tubs or boxes and stash them in less obvious parts around the house (the car, garage, spare room, master bedroom, office)

Leave the stuff there and avoid it OR forget to deal with it

The problems with this are the following:

You aren’t addressing any of the reasons why the clutter was there in the first place so it comes back again

You give yourself more work to do - more stuff to “sort”

Different ways to panic clear:

Use the “laundry basket” method

Quick box-up

Using a timer to break it up


Do one space at a time rather than bouncing from space to space feeling like you’re getting nowhere fast

Close off the rooms which are finished and limit access where possible so you don't have to re-clean (multiple toilets/ lounge areas etc)

Don't deep clean- clear floors and uncluttered flat surfaces are more effective than a scrubbed showerscreen for example.

If you cant get it all done in time- focus on the room you will spend the most time in.

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