Jacinta's story - Part 2

29 Jan 2019

This week we hear the last part of Jacinta's story. After leaving her abusive relationship, Jacinta's life changes in many ways, with "stuff" taking centre stage at first, and then becoming something that's just in the background.

Trigger warning: Note that this episode discusses an abusive relationship and involves children so you can avoid that content by skipping to another episode or opting out this week.

Show Notes:

"I am actually incredible thankful that my house does not contain a single thing that I had from that toxic relationship." Jacinta

"You cannot change anything outside of yourself." Jacinta

"You can control how you let yourself respond emotionally. You can control how you perceive it." Jacinta

"When crappy situations happen, I am the master of finding the silver lining." Jacinta

"Less stuff. More experiences." Jacinta

If you find yourself in an abusive relationship please contact Lifeline Australia or Relationships Australia for advice.

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