3 Mar 2020

This week it's all about jewellery - how to declutter it and how to organise it!

From costume jewellery to the nice stuff (not that costume stuff isn't nice!), it's all covered.

Show Notes:

Statistic (courtesy of Daily Mail 2014)

Most women of 40 years old have a jewellery collection worth $11.5k Au

Could include up to 150 pieces- most expensive item generally an engagement ring

Only 33 per cent of jewellery is worn regularly

9% of women sell/ remodel unwanted pieces

78% women said they had no intention of selling unwanted items


What are the best ways to declutter?

Lay all jewellery items out together (on white sheet or other light surface to make sure items don’t get lost)

Sort into categories - earrings/ necklaces/ watches

Let go of broken ones that you won’t repair immediately

Store sentimental ones that you won’t wear away from your everyday pieces

Only keep the original boxes/ containers if you actually use them

Consider gifting sentimental or heirloom items to family members

Sell & donate what you don’t love and use

Questions to ask yourself when re-organising:

Do I want it on display?

Do I want it hidden/ out of sight?

Where is convenient? Where do I put it on and take it off?

What are the best ideas for storage?

Large shallow drawers in dresser/ cupboard

Stacked jewellery boxes

Compartments for watches/ rings etc

Necklace stands/ hangers

Wall hooks/ peg board/ cork board with tacks

Bon Maxie - accessory storage

Clear containers with dividers (fishing tackle/ craft items)

Display sentimental items that you wont wear in a shadow box or similar to honour the piece and person

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