Junk Drawers

9 June 2021

This week we're discussing the infamous Junk Drawer. We share some tips on how to keep them under control, advice for if you wish to eliminate them all together and offer confessions about the junk drawer situations in our own homes.

Show Notes:

- Third Drawer Down Song - Jimeoin (link below)

Junk drawers can be helpful if:
- They're well maintained - can see everything
- They're routinely checked and unwanted items discarded
- They act as a 'miscellaneous items home' rather than just ‘junk’

Junk drawers can be unhelpful if:
- You cant see everything/ disorganized/ messy
- You use it as a dumping ground to put items you can't be bothered taking to their real homes
- They’re not edited/ sorted occasionally
- They multiply from one to many

See inside Bec's Junk drawer on the Adelaide Show Podcast promo - link below

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