Keeping your bathroom uncluttered

22 Oct 2019

Bathrooms - we use them every day and we spend a surprisingly large amount of time in them!

It would make life a lot easier (and healthier) if you could easily clean your bathroom and have everything you need at your fingertips. This week we have a few tips to help you get there!

Show Notes:


"The average time that both men and women spend in the bathroom every day is right around 30 minutes. If you tend to spend longer, you’re not alone. About 25 percent of us spend more than an hour in the bathroom on a daily basis. Here’s where men and women part ways, though. Thirty-seven percent of women are in the over-one-hour category as opposed to 15 percent of men falling into that category." One Point Partitions

What are the greatest causes of clutter in a bathroom?

Expired medicines

Cosmetics/ makeup/ nail polish

Excess toiletries/ soaps/ deodorants

Old perfumes

Excess Styling appliances and accessories

Too many spares

How do we declutter these?

Get rid of anything past its expiry date

Check nail polish and cosmetics - let go of old ones

Look at hair products you no longer use (hairspray/ gel)

Makeup goes off: guide for when to throw out your make-up

Perfume expires too: guide for how long and best ways to store your perfume

Is it a ‘just for when’ like toothpaste or a ‘just in case’ like fake tan or body glitter?

Can excess items be redistributed to other rooms/ locations?

Don’t collect hotel mini’s unless you intend to use them.

If you buy bulk items - are there other places (laundry cupboards etc) that the overflow can be stored?

Kids bath toys - get rid of broken or brittle ones/ ones with mould.

Have a separate home for “special occasion” and “travel” makeup and toiletries

Re-organise your space:

Clean out drawers - empty shelves/ surfaces.

Group like items together

Put the most frequently used items in the most convenient locations

The less stuff you leave out on flat surfaces - the easier it is to clean

Store groups of items in baskets/ containers to set limits and keep friends together

Shallow storage options - if you cant see it you wont use it.

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