Keeping your bedroom clutter-free

19 Feb 2019

Is your bedroom a haven of peace and relaxation? Or a pit of things to do and stuff to fall over? Without needing to be perfect, it's a good idea to have low clutter levels in your bedroom to promote better sleep and a peaceful start and end to each day.

Bec and Tara talk about ways to keep your bedroom clutter-free this week, with their tips and tricks (and Tara's bedside table hack that knocked Bec's socks off) and insights into why we should reduce the clutter in our bedrooms and how to do it! There's talk of dogs and moths, chairdrobes and falling down, tea and wine. Yep, all in the bedroom!

Show Notes:

The master bedroom is the place where you begin and end your day. The average person spends 8 hours a day asleep- that’s ⅓ of your day. So if you live for 75 years, that's 25 years you spend asleep….or trying to get to sleep.

“Clutter is a reminder of all the things you haven’t finished.” Bec. If your room is overfull or overwhelming it can remind you of all of your unfinished tasks from the day and prevent you from really ‘switching off’ and create anxiety and insomnia.

Lack of sleep can affect your mental health, physical well-being, immune function, weight retention and fertility. A cluttered room can also affect your libido and intimacy with your partner.

The Doona Diet

Before you start to declutter your bedroom ask yourself: What is the function of this space? How do I want it to feel? What currently happens in this space that shouldn't? What is stored in this space that shouldn't be? What prevents me from enjoying the space?

Worn clothes attracting moths article

Tara's clutter free bedside table trick: keep the top drawer of your bedside table empty. Use this space as temporary storage for all of those items that you need/ use in bed but don't want to live ON your bedside table- like books, hand-cream, your phone, lip-balm, watch and earrings that you take off in bed etc. Empty it regularly and put items back in their homes.

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