Kitchen appliances

23 June 2021

Okay, hands up who has some obscure kitchen appliances that you use once every two years? Or three versions of the same appliance? Yeah, don't worry - you're not alone!

This week Bec & Tara chat about appliances; why we collect them and how to maybe gain some extra space by editing them a bit.

Show Notes:

Why do we own so many?
- We believe they’re essential or advertisers tell us we NEED them
- The kitchen cabinets/spaces are designed for them so we don't question it
- Follow the trends
- Gifted to us
- Can be cheap
- We get spoiled by the convenience and it becomes “normal”

Why do we find it hard to let them go?
- Lots of charities wont accept them
- Some of them can be expensive
- Have to revert to other ways of doing things
- Sometimes we keep duplicates because one is better at one thing, and another is better at a second thing, even though they are the same

How can we reduce the number we own?
- Try to own multi- use items rather than single purpose
- Consider the way you live/ your family composition/ tastes and preferences of family - do you still need it?
- Let go of your expectations of perfection
- Embrace the simplicity and slowness of it
- Let go of anything broken/ damaged or in need of a repair
- Let go of the extensions or add-ons that we don’t use
- Choose smaller options where possible
- If you haven't used it for a whole year- can you let it go? Some items are seasonal but if you’ve lived through that season and still not used it- that might be sign!


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