Kitchens- the hub of the home

7 May 2019

The Kitchen is the heart of most homes and so it's no wonder that this is one of our most requested topics. Bec and Tara talk all things kitchen including that ominous junk drawer, benches that collect items from all over the house and those pesky novelty appliances. It's a long one so grab a cuppa and make yourself comfy.

Show Notes:

21% of Aussies feel their kitchen is moderately or very cluttered

Before you start - TIME!! - how much do you have to devote to this? Can be a big job- only start what you can finish in the time allocated. Go cupboard by cupboard rather than taking everything out.

Quote: “if you fancy yourself a chef, have spurts where cooking provides you with comfort, or just love good food, you may be nervous that minimizing your kitchen is going to ruin your workshop for culinary creation. Take heart! Minimizing in the kitchen doesn’t take away from you—just the opposite. It is life-giving and home-enhancing. Removing the possessions you don’t need will uncover what’s been obscured about the joy of cooking by removing the excess clutter and distractions from your kitchen work space.” Joshua Becker

Start with the surfaces: Benchtops and table - Leave only what is regularly used- THIS IS PRIME REAL ESTATE!

Then you have a clear space to sort your other areas

Drawers next

Go easy cupboards first - plates, mugs or glasses then get progressively harder

Are you keeping stuff for sentimental reasons or 'just in case'?

Are you keeping duplicates that you don't need!

Would you spend your money on it again today?

Reorganising - put things near where they are most commonly used - mugs near kettle, pots near the oven etc.

Heavy items in low cupboards

Put the lesser used items in those harder to reach cupboards

Make sure every item has a home and that everyone in your home knows where they are kept.

Make an effort to NOT purchase extra kitchen items that you don't need to keep it decluttered!

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