Laundries - a hard working room

20 Nov 2018

This week Bec and Tara talk laundries, from what we store in them, to how we manage our washing process and what kinds of things we can declutter from our laundries to make them more efficient and effective. From British kitchen-laundries to whether to iron or not iron - nothing is left behind!

Don't miss out on Tara's HUGE confession (and Bec laughing at it!).

Show Notes:

“Other than the kitchen it is by far the hardest working room in the house…so for me it’s got to be organised.” Tara

“A lot of the things that we keep for just in case are more of a burden than a benefit.” Bec

“We’re sold on this idea that we need to have all of these specific cleaning products for all of these specific things and the truth is that really we only need a couple of things to clean and all the rest is marketing.” Bec

Group like with like, using tubs and shelves to quickly find what you want

Don't be afraid to label

Techniques for storing linen:

Store it in the room that its used. Only store what you need for that particular space. Towels in bathroom/ sheets in the corresponding bedroom

Work in sets- store all of one set of bed linen inside the corresponding pillow slip

Buy all of your linen in one colour- then you can mix and match all of it

Consider the space you store it in- stack or roll linen as works for that space

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