Lilies & Leeches

7 Apr 2021

This week we're talking about a method of prioritising how you're spending your precious time. 

Tara describes the concept of "Cultivating lilies and getting rid of leeches" which is a method of ADHD expert Ned Hallowell.  The video that inspired this episode can be seen via the link below.

We hope it is helpful for you!

Show Notes:

Concept: Cultivate Lillies not Leeches
Dr Ned Hallowell - he is a leading psychiatrist who specialises in ADHD. Links to his work below.

Ned suggests that many smart people will continue to underperform because they are not prioritising their tasks. We need to focus our attention/ narrow it down - simplify the list of what we are giving our energy to.

People or projects that are really worth it.
May require a tonne of effort or time but give great rewards.
Things that are really worth it in the long run.

People or projects that just aren’t worth it.
Give a low ROI (return on investment)- don’t pay you back.
Not to say they’re not worthwhile in their own right- just not worth it for YOU.

When looking at your day/ week/ task list- work out what things are lilies and what things are leeches. To cultivate the lilies in your pond you must rid yourself of the leeches that suck your time and attention.

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