Living rooms (are for living in!)

17 Sept 2019

This week we celebrate our 50th episode with a decidedly un-celebratory topic, but hey, it has to be done at some stage!

Dive headlong into your living room with us this week as we talk about how we can keep our living room working for us, and not the other way around.

Bec and Tara share their top tips for keeping living rooms under control, as well as the most unusual things they've seen stored in living rooms!

Show Notes:

This is your primary living space. There needs to be space to live and relax here.

Floors and flat surfaces first:

Become dumping grounds/ trip hazards

Piles - papers/ folding/ magazines etc

If you can’t think of a reason why they need to be there specifically then let them go or find a new home.

Split into zones:

What actually happens in this room?

Usually a space for many people with many needs.

Do not let one thing override the others.

Technology & equipment:

Out of date tech- when was the last time you used it?

Unsightly cables

Gaming consoles & controllers

Charging station for phones/ tablets

Exercise equipment - how often do you actually use it?

Ikea cable tidy - link below

Where’s the line between cozy and chaos in your living room? ​

Throw rugs in baskets or draped on the couch - not too many

Cushions - how many do you really need? Consider changing with the season only if you have storage space

Items for ‘display’ - trinkets and photos. Only keep enough to be pleasing to the eye not to distract or overwhelm you (plus its quicker to clean with less stuff on display)


Don’t get furniture that is too big for the space

Appropriately sized coffee table

Do you need all those side tables?

Something to contain toys - if they’re in there. Baskets/ tubs

Good storage - bookshelves/ trunks/ tv cabinets/ ottormans

If living room is also your entry way - add hooks or a rack to capture coats/ bags/ keys on the way in the door. ​

Tara’s hot tips:

No Magazine racks - begging for clutter (or create some strict rules - 1 in 1 out)

Tray on your coffee table

Nightly 2 min tidy to refresh for next day

Bec’s hot tips:

Don’t keep things just because you always have

Regular clear-outs of hot spots (coffee table, buffet top, next to the front/back door) - minimum of weekly

Everything has to have a home and go in it at least now and then

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