Makeup decluttering and organising

2 June 2020

We don't all use it, but a lot of us do! Even though Tara and Bec are kind of minimalist dinosaurs when it comes to makeup, they still know how to declutter and organise it, and this week will help you take the steps you need to get control of your makeup stash too.

Show Notes:

Here’s a step-by-step procedure to getting your makeup made over!
1. Make a plan. What are you wanting to achieve?
2. Pull it all out and group it all together. Clean anything that needs it.
3. Do some culling: Out of date/ no longer used/ broken etc.
4. Think about storage next: where & how. Think practicality. (links below for Howards, Ikea, Daiso)
5. Make the time to identify what habits you can put into place to keep it organised.

Reference links