Making Photobooks

7 July 2021

Tara is trying to make a photobook and it's making her crazy so she thought she'd ask Bec for some advice.

If you've gotten a bit bogged down in the whole photobook thing then this might be helpful!

Show Notes:

Popular Photobook companies include (but are most definitely not limited to) the following:
- Snapfish (Aust/ NZ/ US/ Europe)
- Albumworks (Australia)
- Photobox (Aust/ Europe)
- Momento (Aust/ NZ)
- Photobookshop (Aust)
- Shutterfly (Global)
- Picaboo (Global)
- Mpix (US)
- Blurb (Global)
- Collage (Global)
- Printique (US & Canada)
& there's SO many more. Just search for 'photobooks' plus your state/ country in your web browser and see the abundance of results. Also look out for discounts and sales as many will offer a special price for your first order.

Reference links