Making decisions when decluttering

3 Feb 2021

This week's episode came from a question asked in our 100th episode - we thought it deserved more attention than just a quick answer, so here's a whole episode dedicated to helping you make the decisions you need to make when you're trying to declutter.

Show Notes:

Strategies to help you make decisions about letting stuff go:

- Ask yourself: “What is the worst case scenario?” & "What is the best case scenario?"
- Compare the cost of keeping with the cost of letting go
- Reflect on whether you are assigning too much meaning to your belongings
- Ask yourself: "Are my things serving me or am I serving them?"
- Experiment living without it
- Revisit items over time, which are hard to part with
- Ask yourself: “If my house was burning down and I had to run in and grab some stuff, where would this item land on the list?”

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