Managing Kids' Artwork

28 July 2020

This week we are delving into the pile of artwork that kids bring home (for littlies - it's coming almost every day!).

We give you plenty of ideas on how to store it (both short term and long term), how to talk with your kids through letting go, and some ideas on displaying it.

This week Bec talks about her upcoming course "Raising Uncluttered Kids" a bit, too. Also, Patreon supporters get a huge 30% off the price of the course. If you'd like to become a Patreon supporter, you can do so on the home page of our website. 

Show Notes:

Kids artwork
- from daycare/ school/ clubs/ playgroup
- what you create yourself at home

- It's important to set limits around what is displayed, kept and how much
- Set a plan to rotate or cycle items through display space
- Put some of the onus back on the kids as to what they want to keep and let go of
- Could use a photo journal - take pictures of artwork and discard originals
- Outsource - send artwork bundle off and get a coffee table book back

Link below: Fabric pinboard to display artwork

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