Meal Prep Tips & Tricks

15 June 2022

Okay so last week was Meal Planning, now we're doing the sister topic - Meal Prepping. 

This one is all about prepping partial or whole meals in advance to save time and stress, and lots of other benefits!

Show Notes:

Meal Prepping is about doing the physical cooking or preparation ahead of time so that you have meal options or parts of meals ready to grab and go.

Why do it?
- Save time
- Get in the kitchen once and make a mess but get a whole stack of meals out of it
- Save money buying in bulk
- Less tempted to pick up takeaway if you’re in a hurry
- Reduce food wastage
- Can help achieve health goals
- Manage portion sizes
- Lower stress levels

- Not every food holds up well to being prepped in advance or reheated - see link below for FDA guidelines on food spoilage
- Get good food storage containers
- Schedule time for meal prepping
- Batch cook large quantities with friends to swap/ share meals
- Think of using diff spices and sauces with the same base ingredients to create more variety.
- Don’t get overly complicated while you’re getting started
- Make food you love and know you’ll eat
- Get organized before you start - work out what ingredients you need and go shopping to make sure you have it all on hand
- Make it an enjoyable experience.
- Take note of what meals/ snacks worked well when prepped and which ones didn't

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