Minimalists and Collectors Co-habitating?

25 May 2022

This week we're talking about when you live with someone that's on the opposite end of the clutter spectrum to you.  You might be a real chucker living with a collector, or you might be a crafty collector living with a minimalist.

Can it be done without too much conflict? We think so, and we'll tell you how. 

Show Notes:

What are some things you can do to co-exist with conflicting lifestyles choices?
- Focus on yourself and your own possessions - don’t force them to conform
- Meet in the middle with communal areas - tell them how you feel, your 'why' and vision
- Be patient
- Work hard to not let the stuff come between you
- Set boundaries you both agree on

In summary collectors and minimalists can co-exist as long as they find a place to meet in the middle where they accept each other’s lifestyle and find a way to exist together without one forcing the other to conform or affecting the other’s ability to exist in a negative way.

Article - Both a collector and a minimalist: see link below.

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