Moving Month: Downsizing

19 May 2021

Our third episode in this series (are you tired of "Moving" yet?!?) is about Downsizing. It's not just for seniors, so listen up for tips to make sure it all runs smoothly for you.

Show Notes:

Downsizing is basically reducing the volume of your belongings, and it’s usually associated with moving to a home that is smaller than the one you have been in before.

The biggest difference between downsizing and plain old moving is that downsizing involves taking less stuff with you, and therefore necessitates decluttering and de-owning stuff.

Disposing of stuff - This TAKES TIME so start as soon as possible!

Four tiers:
Donate/give away

- Garage sales
- Auction houses
- Marketplace/Craigslist/Gumtree
- Private Garage Sale
- Second-hand dealer

- Local charities
- “Bequest Party” - get everything out that you don’t want, and invite the family and friends over and tell them to help themselves to whatever they want
- Give away on Marketplace (groups or generally)
- Stick it out in your front yard with “help yourself” sign (be careful about local waste disposal laws)

Research recycling groups online - links below
In Australia:
In the UK:
In the US:

- Skip/ dumpster company, 1800-GOT-JUNK
- Take trailers/ trucks to the dump/ tip
- Local government kerbside pickup programs

Reference links