Moving Month: Helping People Downsize & Clear Estates

26 May 2021

Our final episode in this series is about helping someone in your life to downsize or to clear an estate.  It's a massive undertaking so hopefully some of these tips will help it run a bit more smoothly.

Show Notes:

A few things to consider when helping others downsize:
- Their feelings about moving will be mixed
- The logistics of the move and downsize
- Their attachment to their belongings and their past
- How long it’s going to take
- The ways their lives will change

How you can help:
- Planning
- Decision-making assistance
- Moving physical stuff (into unwanted zone/ to charity/ tip etc)
- Emotional support

Things to consider when clearing an estate:
- Timeframe - how much time do you have? If you don't have a deadline, we recommend you create one - a lot of these can drag on for years.
- You’ll have a few categories of stuff (eg: things for family, things to sell, things to donate, things to recycle etc)
- There are people and organisations that can help with some or all of the process
- Can you make the process lighter by doing it together as a group/ honouring the person/ reminiscing as you go?

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