Moving Month: Preparing and Packing

5 May 2021

May is Moving Month! 

We're doing a special month dedicated just to moving and downsizing and this week is our first week. We're focusing on preparing and packing (yes, it's boring but preparation is king!!) this week. 

Don't forget to get your Pre-Packing Checklist from our website! 

Show Notes:

Pre-packing checklist link below:

Tips for preparing:
- Know your timelines & start planning early
- Create a master list of considerations & tasks
- Work out if there is any exclusions where you are going
- Work out your budget for moving (If your budget is limited - put the available cash where the greatest stress is)
- Allow your standards to be lowered during the ‘season’ of moving
- Don’t forget to plan/ schedule some down-time.
- Accept help when it’s offered

Tips for packing:
Before you start-
- Get rid of anything that doesn’t belong to you - return to owner
- Remove all of the junk/ trash
- Declutter your unwanted things
- Define a designated space for putting boxes once packed (out of the way)
- Create a box for unwanted items you come across while packing

What to pack first (can be months in advance)
- Anything you can live without (seasonal clothing/ decorations/ books etc)
- Duplicates
- Decorative items
- Pack with un-packing in mind (By Room/ zone/ category of item - pack to suit)
- Label boxes with destination room (not just contents) and even destination storage (ie main bedroom bedside table)
- Pack a basics box: Just the things to get through the first 24 hours - label LOUDLY
- Pack a last minute/ priority box

To remember when packing:
- pack glassware/ plates standing up
- wrap every second item

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