Moving Month: Unpacking

11 May 2021

May is Moving Month! 

We're doing a special month dedicated just to moving and downsizing and this week is our second week. We're focusing on unpacking this week. 

Show Notes:

Important decisions to make before you open any boxes:
- Where the large furniture is going
- Do you need to clean anything first?
- Where things will go in key areas
- What method of unpacking you all agree on

2 main unpacking methods:
1- get everything out of all of the boxes and then start putting away
2- unpack box by box into its home

Method 1 - all out
- Helpful if you want to get rid of packing materials quickly
- Enables you to check for breakages before removals team leave (makes claims easier)
- Good for people that don’t get easily overwhelmed
- Good if you’ve got no time pressures
- Hard if you need to function in space immediately (get up and go to work/ school etc)

Method 2 - box by box
- Less overwhelming
- Helpful if you want to take more time to consider and be deliberate about placement
- Helpful if you want to declutter as you unpack
- Good if you’re doing it on your own- you feel more in control
*Consider setting goals for how many boxes to empty per day or what space/ room to complete by the end of the week
- Unhelpful if you're unmotivated - theunpacking process can drag on

Regardless of method it’s important to:
- Get essentials unpacked first
- Put important furniture together
- Move boxes as close to or inside the room they belong in before you start opening them
- Get every member of the household involved where possible - let people unpack their own spaces
- Keep a notepad handy to write down things you think of or discover as you unpack.
- Forget perfection
- Take regular breaks

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