Moving overseas

1 Dec 2020

Tara is moving to the US! In fact as this episode is being released, she'll be touching down on the east coast and heading into quarantine.

So this week is all about the kind of stuff you have to consider when moving your life to a different country, and Tara's tips and tricks for not going completely insane (just partially insane....).

Show Notes:

Moving abroad - some things to consider:
- The price (mentally and financially) is high so ask yourself what would you sacrifice for the opportunity and adventure
- Logistics
- Passports/ visas
- Packing/ unpacking/ settling in time
- Finding new home/ car/ schools/ setup bank accounts
- What to do with your current home (lease or sell)
- Children: Need to feel part of the process - keep morale high
- Pets
- Cultural differences
- Possessions - move/ store/ sell? Ask yourself: 'What is essential to make your new house feel like home?'

Important things to remember:
- Allow plenty of time
- Be highly organised: create a master list of tasks
- Outsource what you can to make the process easier

Essay by Joshua Fields Milburn: Walk Away. See link below.

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