Music, memories and clutter with John Murch

2 Feb 2022

This week we have something slightly different, and have permission from John Murch from the radionotes podcast to release his episode on our podcast, as he interviews us about our relationships with music, music clutter and stories we have about our musical experiences.

It was fun being on the other end of the mic, and being challenged with some curly questions!

Show Notes:

Based in Adelaide, South Australia where he has worked on local, national and international levels, John has been a broadcaster for many decades, holds onto the values of live radio and is still looking to chat with some of the great musicians and people across life.

"Those in music talk life, those in life chat music"… is the one liner of what the radionotes podcast is about. In this chat we cover music in our lives as well how to organise a music collection with the aim of keeping memories alive. Hear John Murch in conversation with Bec in our South Australian studio and Tara on the line from the States.

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