New Year Goal Setting Part 1

31 Dec 2019

Firstly, we're sorry about the quality of audio in this episode. We would normally re-record if we had a technical issue but given the holiday season, there just wasn't the opportunity to do so. We thought it better that you have something rather than nothing to kick-start your New Year, even if the sound is a bit annoying. We'll work hard to ensure it doesn't happen again.

Now - HAPPY NEW YEAR! We ring in 2020 with an episode on goal setting. We talk about ways to set goals and chat about the importance of understanding WHY you have the goals.

Show Notes:

How do we make sure we can achieve our goals in 2020?

Don't set too many. More likely to achieve one goal than many at the same time

Make sure your goals are SMART - specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, timely

Write it out- Psychology professor Dr. Gail Matthews, at the Dominican University in California, led a study on goal-setting with nearly 270 participants. The results? You are 42% more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

Define what success looks like

Make sure it is your idea of success - no one else's

If you're not sure where to start with goal setting, consider reverse engineering your goals:

Set a 10 year goal/ plan

Then work backwards and create a 5 year plan. Where will you need to be in 5 years to achieve your 10 year plan?

Then set your goals for this year. What can you start doing this year, this month and today to feed into that bigger plan? Make sure that everything is aligned to achieve your greater vision.

Also- don't just think about what the goal is - think about WHY you want to achieve it.

Then: Flip it - Ask yourself “What would not achieving this goal mean? What would the
impact be on your life if you don’t get there?”

Use your 'Why?" and "What if I don't achieve it?" thoughts to help you prioritise your goals and eliminate or delay any that are not critical for you in 2020.

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