New Years resolutions - to resolve or not to resolve?

1 Jan 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2019!

This week Bec & Tara dip their toes in the waters of New Year's Resolutions (sorry, it's a hot day, I have water on the brain...not literally...) and discuss how they work (or don't work) and how you might be able to have the best of both worlds - inspiration from the start of the New Year, and success in achieving your goals.

If you really want New Year's resolutions, but they never work for you, give Bec & Tara's suggestions a try. You might find you really kick some goals in 2019.

Show Notes:

“There’s something about that delineation of time: the old and the new. It seems like this opportunity to recreate yourself and strive for something better.” Tara

“Theres nothing wrong with New Years resolutions, its just the way we go about them can make them difficult to achieve.” Bec

80% of New Years resolutions fail by the second week of February- just 6 weeks in. More than half of all resolutions made are to do with health.

Why do so many resolutions fail: Goals are vague and unmeasurable. There’s no strategy about how to achieve the desired outcome. Wanting to do something is very different to actually starting to do it. No short term benefits- you may lose hope and lose interest. No feedback along the way.

Start small. Build momentum from small changes.

When we talk about what we want to do the language can make a big difference. “I want to” vs “I will.”

Consider finding an accountability partner. Check in with each other on progress.

SMART goal setting

Turn your goals into habits. Consider adding a new behaviour to an existing habit to make it stick.

“Edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It is your masterpiece after all.” Have a reflect throughout the year on what works for you and what doesn’t. Maybe you don’t have to just add new behaviours, maybe you need to take some things away.

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