Organising your photos with Chantal

6 Oct 2020

We all have them - photos! And they can be a real space-hog and stress when they aren't organised. 

So this week Bec has bailed up the delightful Chantal Imbach from Photos In Order and the DIY Photo Organising podcast to help us all out with our printed photos - the ones stashed in places all over the house and taking up space in giant albums, or at your parent's place just waiting for you to inherit them!

And don't despair, we know you need digital photo help too, so Chantal will definitely be back!

Show Notes:

1: Start with a clear vision/ goal for your project
- Do you want to leave a photo legacy for others? or, Do you want to digitise your collection?

2: Gather all of your photos together - including negatives
- Remember to prepare the environment for this project. You will need ample space to spread and time to finish it completely. Use sorting boxes or bags if you need a quick pack-away.

3: Sort/ Group
- Choose a method that works for you (eg chronological, event etc)
- Consider ABC's as detailed below

4: Cull/ Declutter
- Be clinical and stay on track. Save the trip down memory lane for once the photos are organised. Consider an accountability partner.

5: Store appropriately
- get archival quality boxes. 100% polypropylene is photo-safe.
- store in a place dry, darkish place - avoid damp, light, hot, pests
- add silica gel sachets to the boxes to make sure everything stays dry

ABC's of Photo Organising:
A: Album worthy - most precious
B: Box - less precious
C: Can (rubbish) - throw out all others
S: Story - they tell an important story

A & S: recommended to scan, display, write down the story, keep in albums - these are the most important ones.

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