Personality traits and clutter

15 Oct 2019

There are aspects to our personalities that really do have an impact on our clutteredness (inventing words...again).

How does forgetfulness affect clutter? What about optimism? Perfectionism?

You'll definitely identify with a few traits we discuss in this episode. Be ready to feel validated!

Show Notes:

Different aspects of personalities will affect your propensity for clutter. Some people are just more likely to be cluttered not because they are deficit or failing in some way, just because their personality lends itself to clutter and disorganisation. The main aim of this episode is to reassure you that there are influences that are working away in the background that you can blame rather than thinking you have failed.

We see a lot of traits that can cause clutter:





Brené Brown and Oprah discussion on perfectionism​


Creativity and artistic-ness​


Devourer of information

Some traits are correlated with being less cluttered or finding it easier to declutter:


Sequential thinking​

Being neat and tidy​

Some traits can work both for and against you when it comes to clutter:


Frugality (can also lead to clutter​​

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