Raising uncluttered kids - Part 2

13 Nov 2018

Bec and Tara share stories about their own kids as well as things they've learned when working with other families. You'll learn a couple of techniques for managing kids artwork, what to do when you have a kid that collects rocks and how to deal with the nag factor.

Show Notes:

Set limits and boundaries for keeping items.

Declutter with your children not for them” Bec

“They need to see us part with something that no longer serves us and see that we’re okay about it.” Tara

"The ability to rationally evaluate all of your belongings and curate them is a skill that needs to be taught." Bec

Concept: ‘Give before you get’. Kids find some things to let go of before birthdays and Christmas and the influx of more.

“Decluttering is not a skill you’re born with. It’s something you have the to learn” – Bec

“I wanted to plant the seed that when you give something to someone, it’s theirs to do with what they like. “ Tara

Photograph your childrens artwork and save the photo, discard the original

Turn your children's artwork into coffee table books- Jimmy Halfpenny Plum Print

“Sometimes I think you just need to reframe how they keep their things and where they keep them, so that they don’t encroach on other spaces in the house.” Tara

“Set expectations. Sooner or later, they’ll stop asking for things because their expectations are set.” Bec

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