Recipe Clutter

13 Oct 2021

Whether it's cookbooks, clippings or scrapbooks, most of us have at least some recipes in our homes.  And some of us probably have an unhelpful amount (including Bec & Tara!!!).

So this week we're tackling what recipe clutter is and why we have it. And then next week we'll help you solve the problem!

Show Notes:

What is recipe clutter?
- It comes in the form of whole recipe books (big and small), scrapbooks and binders holding recipes, clippings cut from magazines or papers, printouts of recipes found online, scraps of paper with recipes scribbled down, photographs of recipes, even clippings from product boxes or packets which offer recipes on the side.

Why do we have it?

- for it to be the perfect dish for a dinner party, Christmas lunch, healthy lunchbox snack or a weeknight family meal, and NOT collecting it seems like a lost opportunity
- Might come with a promise - healthy eating/ save time/ save money
- Educate and support for a new phase/ lifestyle choice - keto, gluten free, vegan, raw food etc

- Want to be able to create something so delicious or fancy or complex
- Want to be the type of person who can cook a certain way
- Might be aspiring to someone else's image - mother/ father was a good cook
- Love to experiment - gives an opportunity to try something new and different, prevent boredom
- Want to eat that - and so how better to be able to eat it than to make it?

Recipe books mentioned in this episode (links below):
The Silver Spoon
Jamie Oliver Series
Green and Gold
The Cook's Companion - Stephanie Alexander

Reference links