15 Sept 2020

If you've ever been rejected before, then you're human. And you of course will know the "oof" feeling you get in your gut when it happens (or even when you think back on it).

This week, Bec and Tara talk you through rejection and offer some ways that you can look at it a little differently so that it doesn't hurt quite so much.

Show Notes:

We’ve all experienced rejection in some for or another.

If it feels painful to experience the brush-off or set-back- that’s because IT IS!!
A University of Michigan study with MRI scans found that rejection actually activates the same parts of our brain as physical pain does. To read more about this study see link below.

So when you’ve been rejected- what to do?
- Let yourself feel your feelings- don't ignore them. The quickest path out is THROUGH the hurt.
- Re-write your inner talk. Write down things that make you awesome and unique. If you need a hand - ask others
- Look for evidence before you start thinking badly of yourself
- Appreciate when it’s not personal
- Don't let a rejection define who you are or what you're capable of.
- Mindset matters: Shift your inner thought from “why is this happening to me?” to “What is this experience teaching me?”
- Learn from the experience
- Appreciate that you can only be responsible for your part
- Give yourself credit for pushing yourself out of your comfort zones.
- Surround yourself with people or in a place you do belong
- Give yourself time to get over it and trust that it’s part of a bigger plan

Book reference: The Midnight Library by Matt Haig (link below)
Movie reference: Sliding Doors (directed by Peter Howitt)

Reference links