Revenge Sleep Procrastination

14 July 2021

This week we're talking Sleep Procrastination and Revenge Sleep Procrastination. This is when you deliberately forgo sleep even though you know you shouldn't. Why we do it, and maybe how it might be a behaviour worth changing.

It's an interesting concept and one we can probably all relate to in some way.

Show Notes:

Can be simply defined as voluntary sleep reduction

Bedtime Procrastination is defined by Sleep foundation (see link below) as requiring these 3 elements:
- A delay in going to sleep that reduces one’s total sleep time
- The absence of a valid reason for staying up later than intended, such as an external event or an underlying illness
- An awareness that delaying one’s bedtime could lead to negative consequences

Where does REVENGE come in?
The sleep foundation describes it as: “the decision to sacrifice sleep for leisure time that is driven by a daily schedule lacking in free time.” The revenge part has to do with the reasoning behind the behaviour.

Avoid it by:
- Setting a good sleep routine
- Keep consistent waking and going-to-bed times (including weekends)
- Avoid stimulants late in the day
- If possible - create some space in the day to fulfil those ‘me-time’ needs

"Go to bed. Whatever you're staying up late for isn't worth it." Andy Rooney

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