Scarcity Mindset

30 June 2020

Scarcity mindset is the mostly unconscious force that drives us to collect clutter and makes it difficult for us to reduce it. It has us grabbing bargains (yes, all of us!) and panic buying and stashing.

But what is it and how can we avoid letting it derail us? Check it out in the week's episode.

Show Notes:

A scarcity mindset is a mindset that focuses on the belief or automatic thought that THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH. It’s like a filter that you see everything through, it colours everything that you see.

A scarcity mindset can alter your neurological processing, focusing on the object of scarcity and amplifying its voice to the point that other things are drowned out.

It can apply to:
- Money
- Possessions
- Love
- Business
- Time

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So how does it cause clutter?
- It causes you to grab bargains when you see them
- It prevents you from discarding items you haven’t used for years
- It makes you feel guilty for getting rid of things
- If you live in poverty, or have before, it can cause you to stockpile
- It causes you to buy items “just in case”
- You buy too many duplicates of things

What is the antidote?
Gratitude - when you practice gratitude you can pull yourself away from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. You do this by focusing on how much you already have. It's a new filter to view the world around you.

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