Self-storage Units

27 Oct 2021

This week is all about Self Storage - what it's used for and how to tell the difference between helpful and unhelpful use of it.

Show Notes:

Statistics on self-storage available via the link below.

Self Storage is a BIG industry and costly for consumers!

Why do we need them?
They provide us with a safe secure location (possibly monitored) and your stuff is protected from weather.

When would storage units be most helpful?
- Renovating existing home
- Storing stuff between moves or while temporarily living in another location
- Storing bulky items which are in seasonal use
- Vehicles/ Boats
- Snow/ Ski gear or surfboards
- Change in relationship status - separating or moving in together to house items while decisions are being made and living arrangements finalised
- Storing business inventory or excess stock
- Used for decluttering/ downsizing - when you don’t have the space to sort
- Used for deceased estates - when you need to store while making decisions about the future of items

Why can self storage units be unhelpful in some scenarios?
- It encourages us to acquire more that we can reasonably store in our homes
- Creates stress around rental and maintenance costs and burden
- Stored objects usually depreciate in value
- If you can store it for years, you can probably survive without it

Tips for lowering our usage rates/ reliance?
- Don't delay decisions about items.
- Out of sight is often out of mind. Do the hard work to figure out what is worth keeping and what is worth letting go.
- Ask yourself what is it costing you to store and what would it cost you to replace if let go?
- Look at alternatives to storage - ie renting items vs owning and storing.
- Can you create more storage in your existing home? Declutter what you have, possibly build a small shed, use vertical space, use attic/ loft space, basement more effectively.
- Stop the never-ending expansion - unless it is for a temporary reason or for a reason like storing a vehicle etc, let your home be your guide as to limits of the stuff you own.
- Work out what $ you could save by not using a storage unit and what you might spend it on instead - use a financial incentive.
- Give yourself a limit as to how long you want to pay for it and work towards emptying it by then.

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