Sentimental clutter - a heavy weight to lift

31 Oct 2018

This episode dives down into our hearts to talk about sentimental clutter. Why we keep it, and the best ways to approach it. From Bec's dad's furniture to Tara's mum's books, we have lots of personal experience with this and plenty of examples from our clients, too.

Show Notes:

"It's a highly normal urge to hold onto things that we've got an emotional attachment to." Tara

We can have that emotional need met by a sample of the sentimental belongings we're keeping rather than all of them." Bec

"The memory is not in the physical object- it is in us," Tara

How to keep the memory, without the actual item: keep a sample, take photos and videos, write it down/ record the story of it and then dispose with intention.

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