Simplifying Christmas - how to reduce the stress

4 Dec 2018

This next episode in the holiday season series deals with the Christmas schedule and all the stuff to do in the holiday season. Work out how to create a holiday season for your family with traditions that mean a lot to everyone, without stressing you out.

Find out also how you might be able to reduce the wastage that happens SO MUCH at Christmastime. You will be shocked at how much we as a society throw out!

Show Notes:

Ways we destress our Christmas:

Be super organised - Plan well - Choose to opt out

Rebecca Cooper: Simple as That Blog - 4 steps to a joyful Christmas:

Envision the holiday season you really want.

Prioritise and simplify your traditions

Take the pressure off and be all there.

"Be all in. Put your ‘to do’ list aside, forget about all of the other things that are whirring around in your head and just cherish the moment. These are the moments that you’ve worked so hard to create and then you miss out on them." Tara

“Perfectionism can be a real enemy of a Happy Christmas.” Bec

Friends - A Very Monica Geller Christmas

Every holiday season, Americans throw out over 38,000 miles of ribbon

Avoid Christmas gift wrapping wastage:

Use kids artwork/ Use fabric that you no longer need/ Paper bags or cardboard boxes/ Old maps/ Newspaper/ Reusable shopping bags (make them part of the gift)/ Make the wrap part of the gift- a pot or container or basket, scarf or tea towel/ Choose not to wrap- place a bow or tag only and put all items under a sheet or in a sack under the tree/ Instead of ribbon, try decorating with a flower, sprigs of a bush, some leaves from a tree, pine-cones, shells etc.

Dealing with food excess/ wastefulness:

Plan well, simplify where possible - fancy doesn't always mean better, plan meals loosley - allow for changes in schedule, pre-make things where you can, buy groceries in smaller loads more frequently, have some back-ups but not too much and not too exotic, nothing you wouldn’t use after the event, advise others what to bring and the quantity required- Be really specific!

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