Slow Fashion Styling with Jenna Flood

31 Mar 2021

Continuing our Slow Fashion theme, we have invited Jenna Flood, who is a Slow Fashion Stylist, to tell us about what slow fashion styling is, and how it might help us move towards a slower wardrobe.

There are great tips in here for getting the most out of your current wardrobe, and finding your style in a slow fashion way.

Show Notes:

Sustainable styling:
- experiment with the clothes you already have (pairing different colours and styles). Remember: you don't have to follow the rules!
- before purchasing new consider borrowing things from friends or purchasing from second-hand stores
- if you have a damaged item try to mend it, roll it, cut it or modify it in a way to give it a longer life

Jenna Flood:
Jenna's website is linked below if you want to explore her service and learn more about sustainable designers and manufacturers as well.

Erin Fitzgerald:
Check out Erin's website linked below for some mending inspiration and ideas.

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