Social media - is the tail wagging the dog?

23 Apr 2019

Social media is such a large part of so many people's lives. It's awesome, and it sucks. It's handy, and it drives us batty. It's a connection to the world and it's a complete waste of our time. It's fun, and it makes us miserable.

So if you think you might need to stop letting social media be the boss of your time and your feelings, listen in for some tips and hints on how you might take control of social media instead of it controlling you. It's not going away, and we wouldn't really want it to, but we do need to make sure we're using it instead of it using us!

Note, because Bec & Tara are old and lame (apparently), they only really talk about Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So if you're a Snapchatter, we'd love you to share some of your tips and tricks about how to take control on other platforms too!

Show Notes:

2018 Social Media sensis ​

Social media is addictive - it has been designed that way!!

How do you know how much time you spend on it? Try one of these apps:


Social Fever

Quality Time


Just google: 'apps to monitor phone usage 2019'

Article: Social Media Makes Me Feel Bad About Myself

Article: Why I deleted Instagram and feel better for it

If you find yourself coming off social media feeling worse than when you went on then YOU NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING!

Remind yourself - this is the highlight reel of someones life. It is not a reflection of their everyday!

Are there patterns? Is it one person or one group of people who you are constantly comparing to? Block their feeds or unfollow.

Have people in your feed who add joy and positivity.

Don't start your day with it. Start your day with your own goals and aspirations for the day. Start fresh and positive. Listen to music, read a book and focus inwards instead of outwards.

Try to have a social media free day every week.

Get rid of groups that you no longer participate in.

Don’t read the comments.

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