Summer Shorts Series: The Habit of Setting Boundaries

12 Jan 2022

It's summer in Australia and Bec is in holiday mode (and Tara still has the Aussie habit of wanting to take January off work!) so we are taking a "half break" and we have planned a series of short episodes are all themed around the Habits of Uncluttered People - these are habits that Bec and Tara have identified as being held by people who don't have any clutter.

Perhaps they might be habits that you could think about implementing too, if you'd like to be a little less cluttered.

This week's habit is "Setting Boundaries".

Show Notes:

This habit is about how uncluttered people have boundaries around their activities - including how many hobbies they take on, how many supplies they keep, how many projects they allow at any one time, how much time they allocate to certain activities.

People that set boundaries around their activities generally:
- are satisfied without trying to do everything all at once
- have limits on the number of unfinished projects they can have
- understand that they can do it all at some stage, just not all right now
- limit their hobbies to a small number
- don’t overload their schedules or their children’s schedules

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