Taking a solo break

15 Sept 2021

Bec recently went on a much-needed holiday by herself, and it got Tara thinking that it would be worth exploring the merits and possibilities of getting away by yourself. So in this episode we discuss how you might take a solo break to recharge, and give you some ideas for how you might carve away a little solo time for yourself.

Show Notes:

What might a solo break look like?
- Travel away from home - is there something that you’ve wanted to do/ explore/ a place you want to see that the family isn't interested in?
- Spending a night or couple of nights in a hotel or bnb in your same location - you don't always have to be in a new city/ region. Read, walk, explore, take a bath, order room service, watch a movie.
- Visit a friend at their home - best if they are still working. You can catch up and have company in the evening but have their place to yourself during the day for some quiet ‘you-time’
- Staying at home but disconnecting from the outside world for a couple of days - no social media/ phone-calls/ emails and maybe even tv news. Try to give yourself a few days off from chores too.
- Outsourcing your activities and staying at home. Hire a housekeeper/babysitter/cleaner/cook/personal assistant whatever for a few days and stay at home without the need for your daily responsibilities. Go and be a tourist in your own town during the day and come home to everything done for you.

What are the benefits of taking a solo break?
- Boost your mental health
- Gives you a break from the stress
- Chance to recharge your batteries
- Opportunity to be spontaneous
- Go where you want, when you want, how you want!
- Reconnect with yourself and own feelings and needs and have space and time to fulfil them
- Opportunity to be silent and enjoy your own company
- Maybe the people you leave will appreciate you more when you come home
- You’ll be grateful to see your people again too - have a chance to miss them (and vice versa!)
- Others might grow or gain more independence in your absence
- You might learn ways to bring some of that relaxation/ joy back into your everyday

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