Teen bedroom declutter with Ethan

5 May 2020

This week Bec talks to her 15 year-old son, Ethan, about a major bedroom declutter he recently undertook.

Ethan has always been a kid that doesn't like tidying and organisation and struggled to even care about tidiness let alone actually do it. He is sentimental, attached to his stuff, easily distracted and struggles to stay on task. However, he just decluttered half his stuff (all by himself!) and now tidies daily. What happened??? Only he can tell us....

Show Notes:

Ethan's bedroom declutter tips:
-Ask yourself: "Do you NEED this stuff?"
-Be firm on what brings you joy and what doesn't.
-Set goals.
-Make checklists and tick things off.
-Record a time-lapse video of your progress

Products mentioned:
Ikea Kallax Storage - link below
Ikea Skubb drawer dividers - link below

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