The Futile Pursuit of Perfection with Iona Holloway

21 Apr 2021

TW: this episode contains discussion of eating disorders.

This week Tara chats with bestselling author Iona Holloway about perfectionism. Iona talks about her own struggles with perfectionism and has a way of looking at it that we hadn't thought about before.

So it's not your usual perfectionism discussion about not doing everything to 110%. This is for those of you that are "hiding in plain sight" behind perfect achievement, a perfect image, perfect home, perfect career or perfect body, to help you show up and take up the space that the real you should be taking up. It's really interesting!

Show Notes:

Iona Holloway coaches high functioning women who are feeling invisible, trapped or shrunken within their perfect-seeming worlds. She is the author of the #1 best-selling book: Ghost: Why Perfect Women Shrink, she has a wicked Scottish accent and joins us to discuss perfection, and why the relentless pursuit of that is doing us a huge disservice.

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