The One In, One Out technique

18 Aug 2020

We've mentioned "one in, one out" on the podcast before, but haven't really gone into a lot of detail.

So this week, it's time to check out this decluttering and maintenance technique and learn how you can apply it to be more uncluttered!

Show Notes:

The One In, One Out technique: “When one thing enters your home - one thing leaves you home.”

Great practice for maintenance once you have finished decluttering your home and want to maintain new levels of stuff, especially if you have suitable storage to hold current belongings.

Important to:
- Recognize the feeling of having ‘enough’
- Have the need for a new item arise first- think replacement/ upgrade
- Pause at the point of purchase and decide first what will go
- Apply within the same category of item where possible
- Adjust if you’re over-full in one category (ie too many coats and not enough jeans) but don't fall into trap of buying a top and throwing out an odd sock. This just isn't helpful.
- Act on it immediately and not be tempted to leave it until later

Problems arise:
- When you use it as an excuse to continually buy and just churn through items

- 1 in 2 out (or more out) as a decluttering tool
- Using it within your social life/ spare time
- Apply to tasks taken on like volunteering. One new responsibility could mean let go of a previous one
- Applying to finances
- Applying to subscriptions/ commitments/ memberships/ expenses
- Emails

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