The What, Why and How of Meal Planning

8 June 2022

Finally we've done a Meal Planning episode! We feel like we have been "going to" do this episode for years.

So this week we're talking Meal Planning - why you might want to do, and how to go about it for maximum benefit.

Show Notes:

Meal planning is not so much about the cooking and is more about the action of sitting down and planning out what meals and or snacks will be eaten ahead of time based on what your preferences are, what you have in your pantry, what’s on sale at the markets or in season etc and what amount of time you have on any given night. It is something you do ahead of time to inform your purchasing decisions when grocery shopping, helps avoid the daily question of ‘what’s for dinner?’ and has plenty of other benefits.

Why do it?
- Avoid multiple trips to the grocery shop weekly
- Know in advance what is for snacks/ dinner/ meals
- Avoids food wastage
- Saves money
- Saves time
- Creates a predictable routine
- Can customize meals to suit your schedule

Who does it benefit?
- People who are time poor
- People that want to prevent decision fatigue
- People that like variety or peopple that like predictability
- People with goals around food waste/ diet/ health

- Shop your pantry first
- Use your schedule to help inform you as to the complexity of meals based on your known commitment
- Create an ‘all in’/dregs night the end of the week to use up the end of the produce/ leftover from other meals
- Try a theme or two.

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