The psychology of busy

26 Feb 2019

Why are we all so busy? Are we really busy or are we just saying we are? Is "busy" something that is done to us, or something that we do to ourselves? Is Being Very Busy a badge of honour? Why do we value it? How many other questions about busy are there? (answer - plenty!).

Bec and Tara dissect all of this in this episode - so if you're a VBP (Very Busy Person) and want off that train, listen in!

Show Notes:

Why do we wear our ‘busyness’ like a badge of honour? Cultural or Individual reasons? To feel needed, valuable, important or worthy?​

Brene Brown (Daring Greatly): “We are a culture of people who’ve bought into the idea that if we stay busy enough the truth of our lives wont catch up with us.”

What are we really trying to get away from with all this stuff in our schedule?

Don't have to be in our own company

Don't have to experience the feeling of boredom

Don't have to hear our thoughts

Don't have to deal with issues “too busy”

Or are we just bad at saying no to people?

Italian saying: "Dolce far Niente", which means "the sweetness of doing nothing." It does not mean being lazy, it is referring to the pleasure one gets from being idle. In our culture we find that counter-intuitive. Idle people are looked down on as ‘lazy’

Why busy doesn't always equal better: Poor quality output , being busy takes us away from being present in key moments, poor concentration, can't recognise priorities, miss opportunities for connection or growth, physical health suffers, mental health suffers, gratitude is lost, you forget “why’ you are doing it all in the first place & relationships suffer. ​

SLOW movement: people searching for a slower life. Slow home podcast: Brooke McAlary

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