Things that masquerade as hoarding

10 Feb 2021

"Hoarding" isn't just one behaviour with one cause. It's also not a label that needs to go on every cluttered person or environment, either.

There are a lot of conditions, neurodiversities, disabilities and behaviours that can be mis-interpreted as hoarding behaviours or Hoarding Disorder itself. 

This week, we explore them and look into how maybe what looks like hoarding is actually something else dressed up as hoarding.

Show Notes:

There are a LOT of conditions, neuro-diversities and behaviours that can cause (or masquerade as) hoarding and challenging domestic environments including but not limited to:

- Autism
- Depression
- Bi-polar
- Anxiety disorders
- Dementia
- Brain Injury
- Addiction and substance abuse
- Creative personalities
- Childhood trauma (or any trauma really)

Seek the real cause to ensure appropriate treatment or understanding can be sourced. If you have hoarding behaviours, go easy on yourself – you are a whole person who cannot be reduced to one behaviour.

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