Three things uncluttered homes have

13 Oct 2020

There are three things that most (all?) uncluttered homes have. So if you're cluttered, and you don't have these, maybe it might help? It's worth a shot!

Also, for the non-Australian listeners, here is another opportunity to laugh at our accents while we talk about "thongs" and pronounce "toilet" like a true Aussie! (you'll want to go back and re-listen to all the old episodes just to hear Tara say "toilet" over and over again...hee hee!). 

Show Notes:

There are three things that every (or most) uncluttered houses have:
-halfway houses
- overflow storage
- lost property boxes

Packing Party - Ryan Nicodemus (The Minimalists): see links below

Halfway houses:
- the place you keep stuff that comes and goes/ transient things
- the box where you keep things that you cannot decide whether to keep or let go of

Overflow Storage:
- when you buy things in bulk or have excess or more than you can store in the normal ‘home’ of the item

Lost Property Box:
- this is the place you put things that don’t belong to you to return to their rightful owners

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