Three things uncluttered homes have

There are three things that most (all?) uncluttered homes have. So if you're cluttered, and you don't have these, maybe it might help? It's worth a shot!

Also, for the non-Australian listeners, here is another opportunity to laugh at our accents while we talk about "thongs" and pronounce "toilet" like a true Aussie! (you'll want to go back and re-listen to all the old episodes just to hear Tara say "toilet" over and over again...hee hee!). 

Show Notes:

There are three things that every (or most) uncluttered houses have:
-halfway houses
- overflow storage
- lost property boxes

Packing Party - Ryan Nicodemus (The Minimalists): see links below

Halfway houses:
- the place you keep stuff that comes and goes/ transient things
- the box where you keep things that you cannot decide whether to keep or let go of

Overflow Storage:
- when you buy things in bulk or have excess or more than you can store in the normal ‘home’ of the item

Lost Property Box:
- this is the place you put things that don’t belong to you to return to their rightful owners

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