Triggers to Declutter

23 Sept 2021

This episode is about triggers that prompt you to do a declutter or a re-organise.  Using triggers can be a valuable tool both in a slow-and-steady decluttering way, or when you're in maintenance mode.

Bec and Tara will help you identify any triggers you may have, or some you can use in a new way to help you on your decluttering journey.

Show Notes:

Clutter triggers are situations or occurrences in everyday life that draw your attention and can highlight the need to declutter in that area or space.

- when you are aware of these scenarios occurring (like finding yourself searching for keys) it highlights your need to take action
- sometimes you can take action immediately (like at the utensil drawer) or if it’s a longer job (like the wardrobe/ closet) you can schedule it for later
- they can help you prioritise your decluttering efforts, showing you where your efforts need to be targeted to
- you can also use them for cleaning and tidying. If you aren’t a schedule person, you can use triggers to indicate the need to get the tasks done.

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