Type A/ Type B personality typing

25 Feb 2020

This week we're back onto personality types - this time we discuss the

"Type A/Type B" personality typing.

Bec and Tara discuss its origins, how it's applied today, some critiques of it and how it might affect your clutter levels and decluttering style (or not!).

Show Notes:

Friedman and Rosenman (1970s) Cardiologists discovered the Type A behaviour after they had reupholsters come to fix their waiting room chairs and it was discovered that they were wearing in an unusual way and wearing out much sooner than they had expected. About five years later that they began some formal research into their patients and what personality types were at greater risk of developing heart disease. Eventually their studies were part of a program looking at how mental health affects physical health.

Two Types of behaviour:

description concerns how people generally respond to stress

Exists as a trait continuum rather than a person being one or the other (A or B), most people fall somewhere along the continuum in the middle.

Type A behaviour:



sometimes impatient

highly organised

sometimes aggressive

fast talking


Often Type-cast as 'high achieving, controlling workaholics'

Type B behaviour:



easy going

patient/ tolerant



generally more creative

Often typecast as slow-paced, 'creative dreamer'

Where can we go to test what we are?
Many options online- just google free personality test
The test consists of ten pairs of sentences, for each pair, you much choose which one is closest to describing you. The test should take 2-3 minutes to complete.

So who is more likely to be cluttered?
Not specifically one or the other - often acquisition tendencies and habits are learned from environments/parents/ peers and evolve with time.
Type A’s might have lots of chaos but know exactly where everything is
Type B’s are a bit more haphazard about rigid storage systems but it doesn’t stress them
Type A’s can sometimes have issues letting go because of their perfectionistic tendencies
Type B’s can procrastinate around letting go and put it off. They are also more tolerant of living with clutter.

How do the different Personality types like to declutter?

They can muster superior focus. Are are able to focus and get into their zone.
They’re perfectionists and focus on efficiency.
They are good at planning and researching their decluttering project and decisions.
​Set dates, write lists

More haphazard relaxed and don't often feel pressured to get it done in such an efficient manner
Concentrate on just one idea or activity at a time, don't try to do a whole room at once
Think about creative ways to get it done and stay focused
Maybe get outside accountability

Criticisms/Issues with the theory:
Sample was of men only, not women or non-binary gender identification
Studies carried out on women have not shown such a major difference between Type A and Type B and subsequent health. This may suggest that different coping strategies are just as important as personality.

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